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Ohno Nana
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Well...when 4 friends were inspired by a movie to form some sort of cult sisterhood, Ohno Nana was born! Ohno came about because when people think of us, they think "Ohno!". And we'll just say the "nana" came from Naty. =) We were considering just "ohno" or just "nana"...we were trying to find a double syllable. But it ended up together. The originals were [alfabetical order]: Angela, Mari, Naty, and Nikki. The next year, Angela was kicked out. But we had met a lovely young gal by the name of Ailyn who was so amazing! She became part of our little cult soon enough. Nearly 2 years later, here we are, all still good friends. Been through a lot of shiat, but still going strong.

Ohno Nana, bitches.